• Slide 01
    Tank before treatment
  • Slide 02
    Electric power station
  • Slide 03
    Truck frame
  • Slide 04
    Electric power tower
  • Slide 05
    Gaz tank
  • Slide 06
    Foot way
  • Slide 07
    Ski-doo bridge
  • Slide 08
    Warehouse before galvanisation
  • Slide 09
    Food way in workshop

    Total adhesion

    RUST-ANODE® has a perfect adhesion with the steel surface and compared to hot-dip galvanisation shows also a new advantage: the RUST-ANODE® layer follows the dilatation and deformations of the basic metal e.g. the temperature dilatation and eventual bending of the steel.

    The RUST-ANODE® layer will neither crack nor come loose.
    RUST-ANODE® can also be top coated with compatible paints without any surface preparation, except for a clean wash with water.