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    Tank before treatment
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    Electric power station
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    Truck frame
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    Electric power tower
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    Gaz tank
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    Foot way
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    Ski-doo bridge
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    Warehouse before galvanisation
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    Food way in workshop

    Triple protection

    RUST-ANODE® provides a cathodic protection. If the coating is damaged then the general cathodic action from the coating around will provide the required protection (up to 4 mm scratch).

    RUST-ANODE® neutralises and transforms the eventual remaining rust as a rust inhibitor, so rust cannot extend any more its destroying action.

    RUST-ANODE® contains a resin or binder material, which appears partially at the surface and provides a supplementary surface protection. It will delay the zinc oxidation and extends the lifetime expectation of the cold galvanisation.

    Triple economy

    • RUST-ANODE® is at the same time a full active cathodic protection and a passive paint protection.
    • The lifetime expectation of RUST-ANODE® is the same of the one of hot-dip galvanisation (10 to 50 years). By applying a topcoat on top of the RUST-ANODE® one can increase the lifetime expectation by about 2,5 times!
    • RUST-ANODE® can be applied on top of an older layer and any old hot-dip galvanisation and will renew itself. It has the property to reload the cathodic protection. The old and new layer of RUST-ANODE® or hot-dip galvanisation will meld together. Surface maintenance of old hot-dip galvanised installations can be done without dismantling.