RUST-ANODE® is a cold galvanisation

Contains about 96% pure zinc dust in the dry layer. This zinc coating protects electro-chemically the steel surface. It offers the same cathodic protection as hot-dip galvanisation, metalisation or zinc coating by electrolysis. The RUST-ANODE® protection is far better than the one offered by any other traditional anti rust paint..

RUST-ANODE® acts as active coupling to the steel surface. A layer of iron hydroxide will be formed between the RUST-ANODE® and the steel surface acting as an oxidation transformer (or inhibitor) preventing therefore any rust formation. Potential pre-existing rust cannot stretch out. In all cases the Rust-Anode® adhesion remains perfect.



is a cathodic protection applied as a one-component cold zinc coating.
RUST-ANODE PRIMER® is an organic zinc rich coating ready for use. It contains exclusively biodegradable solvents.

General Applications: processing workshops, in paint, in general structures (inside and outside), poles, benches, trucks ...


The basic solvent used in the formulation of the product Rust-Anode® has been improved and reduced over the years for several raisons: the environment ; the working conditions ; the safety ; the performance of the applied product.

Suspension Fluid Orange

  • The product RUST-ANODE® does not contain any organic solvent such as benzene, xylene, toluene or butyl acetaton, methylene chloride nor methyl-ethyl-ketone (M.E.K.) regularly used for the fabrication of normal paint.
  • The natural solvent of RUST-ANODE® is extracted from citrusfuit (orange and mandarine peelings). Above the reduction of the toxicity compared to the classic solvents, this solvent will give a pleasant smell of fruits completely disappearing when the product is hardening and drying out.
  • Consequently also the volatility and the inflammability are reduced, increasing the environmental conditions, the shop floor conditions, the safety and the yield of the final product.
  • The reduction of the quantity (volume) of the solvent increases the performance (the yield) of the applied product per m² (ft²) and consequently reduces strongly the price per sqm (ft²).


To be specifically used with the RUST-ANODE PRIMER®.
This solvent can be used, if necessary, to thin the RUST-ANODE PRIMER® in case of airless or gun application.
When the container of RUST-ANODE PRIMER® is open, you must add a thin film of Rustasolv-Prim on top of the product before sealing the container tightly to avoid polymerisation of the product.