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    Tank before treatment
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    Electric power station
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    Truck frame
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    Electric power tower
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    Gaz tank
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    Foot way
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    Ski-doo bridge
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    Warehouse before galvanisation
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    Food way in workshop

    Special use on hot-dip galvanisation or metallisation

    Though RUST-ANODE® is mainly used on new metal surfaces for a perfect protection, it can also be used to rep
    When hot dip galvanisation or metalisation starts to rust (the zinc layer is worn out) then the cathodic protection is not any longer active and only an extra cold galvanisation layer can help to restore the cathodic effect.

    RUST-ANODE® is, as a matter of fact, the only product able to “melt” properly to the old galvanisation or metalisation. It can be applied directly onto the old galvanisation after cleaning the surface with a brush and washing it with a high-pressure water jet to remove all dirt and zinc salts. The RUST-ANODE® will “melt” together with the old layer and reload the cathodic protection. The installation or construction has not to be dismantled for a new dot dip galvanisation.
    RUST-ANODE® will never come loose or peal off. 

    New galvanised steel can be touched up by RUST-ANODE® consequently the cathodic protection is restored. The product can be applied directly without any surface preparation. Damage from drilling, cutting or welding can thus be repaired in accordance with the ASTM A 780.