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    Tank before treatment
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    Electric power station
  • Slide 03
    Truck frame
  • Slide 04
    Electric power tower
  • Slide 05
    Gaz tank
  • Slide 06
    Foot way
  • Slide 07
    Ski-doo bridge
  • Slide 08
    Warehouse before galvanisation
  • Slide 09
    Food way in workshop

    High corrosion resistance

    RUST-ANODE® has references from the Belgian Railroad Company dating from 1956 and has been sold ever since all over the world without problems. RUST-ANODE® has resisted the lab salt spray test of 2.000 hours and the enforced aging tests during more than 1.300 hours without any damage.

    Two practical surface protection comparison tests were done:

    A comparative was done in a very aggressive surrounding, wet and alternating acid - alkaline. The results were astonishing RUST-ANODE® remained perfect after 3 years while all the other paints failed after 8 months.

    Another comparative test gave the same astonishing results with 25 anti corrosion paints. RUST-ANODE® remained the full test period 30 months perfect but the other 24 paints resisted only from 4 to 6 months.