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    Tank before treatment
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    Electric power station
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    Truck frame
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    Electric power tower
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    Gaz tank
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    Foot way
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    Ski-doo bridge
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    Warehouse before galvanisation
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    Food way in workshop

    RUST-ANODE® is a cold galvanisation

    RUST-ANODE® is a cold galvanisation and contains about 96% pure zinc dust in the dry layer.
    This zinc coating protects electro-chemically the steel surface. It offers the same cathodic protection as hot-dip galvanisation, metalisation or zinc coating by electrolysis.

    The RUST-ANODE® protection is far better than the one offered by any other traditional anti rust paint.

    RUST-ANODE® neutralizes and transforms the eventual remaining rust as a rust inhibitor and the resin it contains will extend the lifetime expectation of the cold galvanisation. These are some of the reasons why we consider that the Rust-Anode technology is absolutely unique and gives an unmatched protection to metal

    RUST-ANODE® acts as active coupling to the steel surface. A layer of iron hydroxide will be formed between the RUST-ANODE® and the steel surface acting as an oxidation transformer (or inhibitor) preventing therefore any rust formation. Potential pre-existing rust cannot stretch out. In all cases the RUST-ANODE® adhesion remains perfect.