Avoiding errors when applying RUST-ANODE® CONVENTIONNEL and RUST ANODE PRIMER®

ONLY MANUFACTURER-APPROVED solvents must ever be mixed with RUST-ANODE® products.

  1. The SUSPENSION FLUID softening solvent in RUST-ANODE® and the RUSTASOLV PRIM softening solvent in RUST-ANODE PRIMER®, for application with guns, rollers and brushes, ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE.
  2. Those softening solvents must NEVER be used as degreasers and/or metal cleaners.
  3. RUST-ANODE® and RUST-ANODE PRIMER® must NEVER be agitated with a paint shaker but must be mixed only with a MIX PADDLE in the container for at least 5 minutes at medium speed.
  4. During application, products must be mixed to keep zinc suspended.
  5. Application on steel must be done at 5° Celsius minimum (and at least 3 degrees Celsius above the dew point).
  6. ALL application and/or mixing equipment MUST be decontaminated of all traces of paints and/or other contaminants.
  7. Application equipment should be cleaned immediately after use.
  8. To keep the original properties of the product RUST-ANODE PRIMER® between uses: if the container has too much AIR SPACE once it is closed, the product must be transferred into a smaller container with minimal free air and RUSTASOLV PRIM added to the surface before sealing tightly.
  9. RUST-ANODE®: transfer is not required. If necessary, the product can be re-balanced by adding a small amount of RUST-ANODE® Suspension Fluid.
  10. Gloves must be worn because zinc removes natural skin oil and so can cause irritation.
  11. Avoid any contact with and/or proximity to any form of silicone.