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    Tank before treatment
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    Electric power station
  • Slide 03
    Truck frame
  • Slide 04
    Electric power tower
  • Slide 05
    Gaz tank
  • Slide 06
    Foot way
  • Slide 07
    Ski-doo bridge
  • Slide 08
    Warehouse before galvanisation
  • Slide 09
    Food way in workshop

    Can be applied on rust

    RUST-ANODE® acts also as a rust inhibitor (transformer). A thin layer of dust (fly-dust) is acceptable. The remaining rust will be transformed to iron hydroxide and will form the electric connection trough the layer providing the required cathodic protection.

    RUST-ANODE® presents also the great advantage that it may be applied without any extensive chemical process such as pickling, passivation, phosphatation, etc. One only needs a mechanical cleaning: steel brushing or blasting. Of course all contamination e.g. oil, grease and dirt must be washed away.