• Slide 01
    Tank before treatment
  • Slide 02
    Electric power station
  • Slide 03
    Truck frame
  • Slide 04
    Electric power tower
  • Slide 05
    Gaz tank
  • Slide 06
    Foot way
  • Slide 07
    Ski-doo bridge
  • Slide 08
    Warehouse before galvanisation
  • Slide 09
    Food way in workshop

    Cold galvanising

    Acts as active coupling to the steel surface. Potential pre-existing rust cannot stretch out. In all cases the RUST-ANODE® adhesion remains perfect.

    A layer of iron hydroxide will be formed between the RUST-ANODE® and the steel surface acting as an oxidation transformer (or inhibitor) preventing therefore any rust formation.

    Protection with the usual anti rust paint : they always decompose and crack in the end. The rust spreads under the paint layer and finally the rust will lift the paint layer up and will cause further rust forming.